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"Weaving Dreams 58" was born in June 2014 (), to provide a share issue boutique weaving and weaving source dream dreams establishment process often encountered in solutions for the main purpose of the summary.
"Weaving Dreams 58" covering: business class weaving dreams of source, source portal type weaving dreams, and studio-based or blog etc. weaving dreams system imitation and other styles.
"Weaving Dreams 58" will be in a shared technology, comprehensive, specialized and depth of free polyhydric direction, to create practical and efficient establishment experience, providing high quality services for members and customers.
"Weaving Dreams 58" Thanks to numerous concerns, support our members and visitors who thank you for your trust. Young "weaving dreams 58" ready to work with the same dynamic you accompany each other and grow together!
"Weaving Dreams 58" to concentrate on only one thing to do, is to do a complete source of weaving dreams!

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Adapting to the role of cultural transformation - training o

Adapting to the role of cultural transformation - training o

From July 9th to 14, we are on the 25 new recruits to the entry training and development training. Induction training in our conference room held, training contents include: ldquo; safety education rdquo;, ldquo; company profile rdquo;, ldq...



Silicone sales skills to share

today morning, of the Department of foreign trade sales experts came to share the experience in sales of silica gel, although its content usually speak the whole sales process, surface see is in the foreign trade company sales department, t...



Learn ISO management system, construct corporate culture

May 28.29.30, we held a ISO training courses for learning, the major departments, head and a few ordinary members of the company participated in the project training and learning. The company has long maintained the atmosphere of training t...

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